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Gati International Moving Companies GATI AIR CARGO TERMINAL SERVICES, a division of GATI INFRASTRUCTURE (P) LIMITED, has ventured into a niche and potential segment, and has been received a contract by the world leader in Cargo Management- Celebes International at IGIA, BANGALORE where professional are in the range of over 30,000 Tons per month.

GATI, through sheer grit, innovation and expertise, surpasses international standards in the provision of cargo handling services, one of the key branches of the aviation industry. As the clinte and other stake holders' businesses rest upon the successful cargo handling services, therefore, they demand all the related processes to be carried out without any damage and without any interruption 24 Hrs/12 months.

The principles to which it adheres and the way its staff and workers perform their duties and jobs, play a great role in Cargo Handling management services.

Professional Cargo handling services consist of:
  • Accepting cargo that has to be exported
  • Get the cargo examined and then X-rayed
  • Unitization and palletization of cargo
  • Delivering the cargo at ramp
  • Notifying the stake holders
  • Transferring cargoes to airlines.

GATI Air Cargo Terminal Services give the highest importance to the two factors- Safely and Speed. All aspects related to accepting cargo at the warehouse, move and storing it in the warehouse, and then removing it from the warehouse, all are carried by the means of an integrated barcode system, which operates at international standards are looked after by this division.

These are some of the services provided as the part of warehousing function:
  • Accepting incoming cargo & determining its dimensions & weight
  • Documentation procedures
  • Loading export cargo on appropriate loading equipment
  • Physically checking and binning the perishable goods and hazardous materials
  • Safe-custody services under the supervision of expert personnel
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